Dining Table Inspired By Sam Maloof

The Dining Table was started on May 1, 2011. It was finished and move to our house on December 17, 2011 in time for Christmas dinner.

My love of Maloof design has me focused on his dining table. I have seen it in photos of his home in California. Since the Maloof Rockers were so much fun, I am going to try to duplicate his Cherry Dining table. Follow along in the Work-In-Progress section. 

Project has been completed.

Ok, matching chairs next.

Log Cabin Update

March 1, 2011

The Log Cabin, started in July 2010, is now complete.

It was a fun project. Thanks goes to all who helped, but particularly Wilson (Poncho) Elliott Owner/Operator Elliot Forestry LLC and Darris Wolfe who's John Deere skidsteer saved my back.

Want to see it being contructed? Go here.

Want to see it being moved to a remote spot? Go Here.

OK, what's next?

Ozark Folk Furniture

The Stove Cabinet is an example of what I call Ozark Folk Furniture. I don't know what else to call it. You will find other examples under the Re-creations navigation button. Each project started with a piece of antique farm equipment e.g., a horse drawn grain drill, a hand crancked cream separator or an old gas stove. Each was given a second life as something else. 


Sam Maloof Inspired

The Rocking Chairs, one made of Black Walnut and the other of Wild Cherry, were inspired by the greatest woodworking creative genious of the modern era Sam Maloof. Of course nobody can equal Sam's design perfection, but trying to at least do justice to his work was an incredible challenge and a lot of fun. I loved these projects.

This is my wife and partner in life Elaine Mayes. Among her other good habits, she has tolerated me and my stuff for more than 39 years. Her beautiful needle work can be seen under the Collaborative navigation button. 

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Welcome to my world of woodworking. I am Mike Chapman and woodworking is my passion. The picture galleries under the navigation buttons to the left of this page will show you projects that have been completed at my Pine Cabin Woodshop on the edge of the Mark Twain Paddy Creek Wilderness Area in the Great Missouri Ozarks.

Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them and allow you to run a slide show.

Click Here to see some of my projects starting from rough lumber to fine finish. Please browse and enjoy.

A recent addition to the left sidebar is my Retirement Phase II: Digital Painting section. It's an experiment. 


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